The Madibanani Story

3.18.2012: two worlds connect.  9 Minnesotan hearts experience the love of refugee children in Thailand. $10,000 will build the children a new home.

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Sawatdee Kah!

Hi there! My name is Madi and you've reached the story that changed my life and will hopefully change many more.  

Several years ago, I formulated a banana bread recipe and dubbed the resulting loaf “madibanani bread”. Since then, madibanani (mad-ee-bah-nan-ee) bread has nourished both body and soul.

In February, I put my recipe to work by baking and selling madibanani bread and earned my way to Thailand to spend spring break caring for orphaned refugee children from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Since that life-changing experience in Thailand, I founded Madibanani Bread Company and I am committed to dedicating fifty percent of my company’s profits to Children of the Forest Orphanage in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

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 "Their precious faces made photography easy.  I'm proud to say my travel mates or myself took every picture on this site."  

Tell Me More 

You've scrolled down. Now you're intrigued. Let me rewind and add some detail. 

Baking has always been a hobby of mine. Around age ten, I was experimenting in the kitchen and came up with my own banana bread recipe. We've used the recipe within our family ever since.

Fast forward five years, I happen upon an opportunity to travel to Thailand on my school's first service trip to work with orphaned, refugee children from Burma. I needed a way to raise travel funds, and what better way than selling my banana bread to friends and family?

One month and two hundred loaves later, I found myself in a life-changing experience half-way across the world. While working with the children, we visited a barely-standing structure that was intended to be their new home. However, funding from the United Nations ran out two years ago and the building will be considered no longer inhabitable if not completed soon. 

Long story short, my travel group of nine young women returned to Minnesota committed to raising the $10,000 needed to complete construction. Here's where Madibanani Bread Company comes in. The selling spree in February gave momentum to Madibanani and the business plan I had already intended to pursue one way or another. SO...I started this for-profit company fully intending to dedicate fifty-percent of the proceeds to the children and the building of their home back in Thailand.

Looking to the Future

To date, Madibanani has contributed to the successful funding of the children's new home and continues to support the Children of the Forest Orphanage.  It has also served students of the Mamelodi Initiative in South Africa and will continue to seek other children around the world who are calling for help.  Everyone deserves a chance, a family, and...a little banana bread. 

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 Want to Know More? 

Check out more about Madibanani on my Kickstarter page or learn about the support provided by Women Venture. Learn more about partnering organizations around the world here:

Thailand: Children of the Forest Orphanage.

South Africa: The Mamelodi Initiative

Reflections from the founder: click here to see why Madi finds travel inspirational. 

Stay tuned for video footage of Madi's experience on her return trip to Thailand in 2013 and her time in South Africa with the Mamelodi Initiative in the summer of 2014.

Live. Love. Bake. Change the world. 

Madi (17, Minneapolis)
Founder and CBO, Chief Baking Officer

P.S. Not in the mood for banana bread at the moment, but want to make a contribution to the children in Thailand? Here's the spot to do it: Children of the Forest Orphanage. Thank you!